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  Product Introduction

  Product Introduction

Type of Products:

1.  Crystal Glass Mosaic

2.  Architectural Glass for Wall & Ground

3.  Household Toughened Glass


Manufacture Equipments:

1.      Professional Crystal Glass Mosaic Kiln

2.    Automatic Computer Printing  Machine

3.    Professional Cutting Table

4.      Mosaic Sizing Machine

5.      Automatic Germany Technology Spray Finishing Product Line

6.      Manual Spray Finishing Product Line

7.    Automatic Grinding Machine

8.      Semi-Automatic Glass Straight Line Edge Beveling Machine

9.       Semi-Automatic Beveling Machine

10.   Semi-Automatic Pencil Edging Machine

11.   Drilling Machine

12.  Internal Grinding Machine

13.  Shape Grinding Machine

14.  Glass Washing Machine

15.  One Passel Of Other Relevant Assorted Equipments


Manufacture Ability:

1.  Crystal Glass Mosaic:  25000O Per Month

2.  Architectural Glass For Wall & Ground:  56000 OPer Month

3.  Household Toughened Glass:  50000O Per Month